Remastered from The Silence Noise - My Feet in the Mud - The Silence Noise

Remastered from The Silence Noise – My Feet in the Mud

A brand new remaster of My Feet in the Mud.

Why did I do this?

There was recently a deal on Izotope Ozone Elements which led me to revisit some of my previous mixes and creations throughout the Song a Week process.

Ozone Elements features a mastering assistant with an EQ, imager, and maximizer that can help add some depth to the track.

Since this track was developed earlier in my songwriting process there were many issues with the mixing and editing choices – particularly with the guitar, vocals, and drums.

Instead of just cramming it all through the mastering process, I went back through and cleaned up and distinguished many of these elements with the new skills I’ve developed over time.


Have you seen the man who’s lost his dreams?
Have you found the boy who holds his wonder?
If your once upon a time seems ever further
If its twice as far as you would ever wander

So much for the man who sells his dreams…
Good luck to the man who sells his dreams…
The profit was never worth it…
But I bet you’ve made a fortune

Hey there, you there
What’d you do with the buck you made?

Blank stares, lost cares
What’d you do with the heart you drained?

Rain, rain
It’s raining thoughts
Don’t mind the fog… You’ll find your way

Rain, rain
Your search for God
Was not in vain… You’re on the way…

I gave you a gift from the bottom of my pocket
Did you see the effort it takes me to find it?
The lazier, the holier, the crop corrupts the cream
Your dark dream now I own it all it seems!

I’m taking up a residence in most expensive places
I’m planning on all the luxuries, amenities, and favors
You’ll give to me all of your energy
I’m taking up a residence in a neighborhood that I will call your soul

My heart is too afraid to show itself today
My heart is too afraid to let you see me
Trickling down, I hear the vultures
They’re coming to pick the corpse clean

Rain, rain
My feet in the mud
My God, my God… We are lost

The Silence Noise

About the Author

The Silence Noise

The Silence Noise (n) - The moment before the music begins. The hushed moment of anticipation and build up of energy. Also, a local electronic rock project from the Boston area by Ken Course. Includes elements of various types of rock including progressive rock, ethereal rock, industrial, metal, and electronic music.


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