New Release from The Silence Noise - What Tomorrow Feels Like - The Silence Noise

New Release from The Silence Noise – What Tomorrow Feels Like

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What Tomorrow Feels Like is inspired by the /r/songaweek theme of “Road Trip.”

A building rock song that weaves through a variety of thoughts and emotions. Much like what I experience when on the road!


On an empty road
In a lost part of town
Dream of anywhere else
Dream of anything else

A thousand miles between us
Yet it could only be a day
I could just disappear here
I could just pick up and go

Now my life is just so static
Nothing ever seems to change
I’ve only got time now to have it
I’ve only got my same old habits
Never claimed to have enough
hit the road to find it all
I’ve only got one life to burn
I’ve only got one wheel to turn

Soon I’ll be gone…

Remember what tomorrow feels like
As the city’s shadow slips away
Soon I’ll be somewhere else
Soon I’ll be somebody else

Now the miles are getting shorter
And it’ll only be a day 
I could just be a memory
I could just be a faded dream

Now I’ve broken all the habits
Seems like everything can change
I’ve only got my time to love it
I’m loving life and want more of it
Never thought I’d had enough
On the road to claim it all
I’ve only got this road to drive
Then I’ll leave it all behind

Soon I’ll be gone

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The Silence Noise

About the Author

The Silence Noise

The Silence Noise (n) - The moment before the music begins. The hushed moment of anticipation and build up of energy. Also, a local electronic rock project from the Boston area by Ken Course. Includes elements of various types of rock including progressive rock, ethereal rock, industrial, metal, and electronic music.


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