New Release from The Silence Noise - You Saw His Face - The Silence Noise

New Release from The Silence Noise – You Saw His Face

New Release from The Silence Noise – You Saw His Face

My first “Song a Week” Submission – unthemed but submitted in “Week 29 – Mountain Top.”


I saw him looking in – I saw his face
Pressed against the window
Little beady eyes were shining through
Reflecting streetlights and the pavement
I never thought to ask his name
Or figure out how he had come here
I never thought I’d play this game
Or figure out what he had done here
I thought that you could see him there
The answer to our prayers
But deep beneath the surface now
I see that you are scared
And when the shots came blazing through
You never thought to run
And you saw his face
You saw his face

The Silence Noise

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The Silence Noise

The Silence Noise (n) - The moment before the music begins. The hushed moment of anticipation and build up of energy. Also, a local electronic rock project from the Boston area by Ken Course. Includes elements of various types of rock including progressive rock, ethereal rock, industrial, metal, and electronic music.


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