Live Mix Breakdown - Factory of Hope, Mechanism, and Virus - The Silence Noise

Live Mix Breakdown – Factory of Hope, Mechanism, and Virus


Breakdown of Factory of Hope, Mechanism, and Virus.

I’ve been sick the past few weeks, which means a lack of content coming out of The Silence Noise camp.

I tried to make up for this today, spending over an hour providing some deeper insight into my track this week, Factory of Hope, as well as the previous instrumentals Mechanism and Virus.

In particular, Factory of Hope was a deep mixing process with a lot of different instruments in the mix fighting for space.  The track includes three sets of vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, double bass strings, a violin section, piano, drums, and much more.

In the other two releases, the songs based around the themes of “Analog” and “Distortion,” are shorter and were mostly generated from my phone and tablet before finishing them on the mix station.

Happy to share this breakdown with you!

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