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someday somewhere somehow

once on the other side

faith in short supply

Getting Started with the Music of The Silence Noise

Who Are The Silence Noise?

The Silence Noise (n) - The moment before the music begins. The hushed moment of anticipation and build up of energy. The project features elements of various types of rock including progressive rock, ethereal rock, industrial, metal, classical, and electronic music.

The story of The Silence Noise seemed like it may have been over 10 years ago.

But the band roared back to life in 2018 in Boston, combining a signature alternative rock sound combining the heavy rock of Muse with the dramatic elements of Depeche Mode and the progressive inspiration of bands like The Dear Hunter and Coheed and Cambria. The project is the brainchild of one multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Ken Course.

Whether it's huge and epic moments featured in "Lost in the Storm," heavier rock like in "From Black to White," or the progressive atmosphere of "My Feet in the Mud," The Silence Noise has something for many different tastes.

The Silence Noise was Founded in 1999 by Ken Course.  The project evolved from using extremely basic elements such as basic Casio synths and tape recorders up through full fledged progressive rock.  The evolution of the sound throughout the years moved from more 80s and goth inspirations such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, and The Smiths to more industrial and rock influences such as Nine Inch Nails and Muse.

The Silence Noise seeks to challenge your musical frontiers with a variety of emotional and sensory palettes.  What will you discover?

Music that Inspired The Silence Noise (Playlist)

New Release from The Silence Noise – Someday Somewhere Somehow
New Release from The Silence Noise - "Someday Somewhere Somehow." A little bit of in your face rock with some orchestral dreaminess.
New Release from The Silence Noise – Once on the Other Side
New Release from The Silence Noise - "Once on the Other Side." Big, epic rock with a lot of strings, soaring vocals, and unusual transitions.
New Release from The Silence Noise – What Tomorrow Feels Like
New Release from The Silence Noise - "What Tomorrow Feels Like." A building rock song that weaves through a variety of thoughts and emotions.
New Release from The Silence Noise – Lost Child
New Release from The Silence Noise - "Lost Child." A straight forward rock song with a mix of melancholy and encouragement.
New Release from The Silence Noise – Faith in Short Supply
New Release - "Faith in Short Supply." A journey from a haunting church choir up into an anthemic and epic rock chorus in the theme of "Reverb."
New Release from The Silence Noise – Haunted
Today, April 25th, would have been my Dad's Birthday. Haunted was originally written back in 2005 and was his favorite song that I had ever written.

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