New Release from The Silence Noise - Never Drowned - The Silence Noise

New Release from The Silence Noise – Never Drowned

Never Drowned┬áis inspired by the /r/songaweek theme of “Mouth Instruments.”

A descent into psychedelic madness, with lots of odd sounds created with vocal elements, industrial elements, and Avant Garde lyrics. One of the weirdest pieces I’ve ever created.


When the sea
Bubbles to shore
The cliffs are near
Coming near

Boats on the sea
Float near the rocks
The cliffs aren’t far
They’re not so far

The wind it blows
You further away
I see your hand
I’ve lost your hand…

Swept away…swept away….

Take me out to sea
Sweep me out to sea
I see the waves
I am the waves
I am the whole of the ocean
I am water
I am earth
I am becoming
I am the torturous breath
That you can’t take
Because the water will flood in
We are trapped
By our own need
Our own need to breathe
Our own need to feed
Our own need to suck this body dry
Our own need to take
To take from our mother
To take from our father
To drain the sunlight
Into tiny little bits
Energy…pure energy

Moving forward
Pushing forward
Move your arms
Move your legs
Move your body
Find yourself at shore
Find yourself at home
Remembering what it’s like
When you’re drowning
But you never drowned

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About the Author

The Silence Noise

The Silence Noise (n) - The moment before the music begins. The hushed moment of anticipation and build up of energy. Also, a local electronic rock project from the Boston area by Ken Course. Includes elements of various types of rock including progressive rock, ethereal rock, industrial, metal, and electronic music.


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